How to get the Test step by step

Call 971 4 5519465 to get more information and to ask for the test.Consult us or talk to your physician.
You or your doctor will receive the CGT Kit.
A blood extraction is performed. The kit contains an informed consent form that should be signed by the patient and sent to IGENOMIX  along with a copy of your national identity documents (DNI).
IGENOMIX collects and processes the blood sample in the kit.
IGENOMIX delivers the test results in approximately 30-40 days.
If you want you can check with our Genetic Counselors, who will then report your results and will advise on the next steps in case of positive result

Analisis_CGTThe procedure is carried out through a simple blood analysis

EmbarazadaIt helps to prevent possible serious genetic illnesses before pregnancy.

Cromosoma-CGTGenetic counselling is included.


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